We've Got Beef!

It's the first day of your new job as a space cargo security agent. You've been given a low profile job protecting a shipment of Marie's corned beef (objectively the best corned beef in the universe).

Unfortunately, with only 1 000 000 Space Kilometers (SKM) left to go, a band of ruthless vegetarian space activists ambushes the convoy!

Will you be able to save the shipment?
How much of the precious beef will you be able to save from these devious scoundrels!?
Is this also going to be your last day on the job? 

Find out this, and more, in


(disclaimer : we do not have any beef with vegetarians, only with vegetarian space activists of the ruthless kind)

This game was made for the Finally Finish Something Jam 2017, hosted on We got second place!
It was made with a team of 3 people, during a month after office hours. I did all of the art.

Day Care Danger

Baby Jim is having a hard time. His music box is the only thing connecting him to home. All he has to do is outsmart the toddlers so he can reach it. Can you help him?

Made during a 48 hour gamejam with a team of 5 people.
I made the environment art, level decorating and the general visual presentation.