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Kweetet is a third person adventure game where kids explore six different worlds, with the goal of achieving their detective badge and diploma in the end. The game is part of an online rehearsal platform where the student can make online exercises, which earns them 'Kwetons' (the currency in the world of Kweetet).
With these Kwetons and the help of their acquired detective skills, they can customise their in game avatar, solve quests, help the inhabitants of the six worlds and so much more.

I had the pleasure of working on this project for about three years. My tasks were diverse:

  • transforming concept art to 3D assets for characters, props and environments
    • modeling
    • texturing
    • rigging
    • animating
  • building up the 3D environments/levels
    • level design
    • decorating levels
  • Some UI elements
    • Static cutscenes
    • Quest images
    • Maps

Here's one of the characters I made for Kweetet, called 'Wolf'. Below, a timelapse of my process. Concept art made by Antoon De Grom.